At GEFS, we have an experienced team and years of experience to handle the operation and maintenance of any STP unit regardless of the scale of operation.

We understand that each plant has different requirements of inspection and maintenance. That's why our specialised teams are well prepared to undertake functions in the area of water and wastewater treatment, specific to each plant.

In order to keep the maintenance expenses low for our clients, we have the best practices in place, proper planning and efficient management of resources, thanks to our several years of collective experience in STP maintenance services.

Our process also ensures the best health and safety practices. In the event of a breakdown – in spite of the best maintenance – our onsite service team is on hand to keep the plants running efficiently, and with no operational failures.

Any request pertaining to repairs and replacements is attended to on site by an expert team. As a routine, our team maintains records of each of our operations. So, any day-to-day troubleshooting queries are attended to swiftly and effectively.

We have the expertise to take on the operation and maintenance contracts of STPs of any scale for municipalities or any private concerns. Our standard operating procedures are calibrated effectively to ensure health and safety standards with every project.

Right from project planning to site inspection, designing and installation of large-scale wastewater treatment plants, our team can handle any large scale wastewater treatment requirement. Planning for large scale wastewater treatment facilities would have to take into consideration flow & load analysis, population projections, regulatory overview, wastewater treatment capacity analyses, collection system, etc.

The commercial onsite wastewater treatment plants (aerobic treatment systems) package from our technical partner – Jet – makes it possible for motels, shopping centres and service stations to be constructed in any location – even remote locations far from a city or an emirate.

Our clients benefit from our time-tested and custom designed wastewater treatment plants that offer onsite wastewater treatment through the performance-proven aerobic digestion process that enables microscopic living organisms to transform wastewater into a clear, odourless liquid.

More facts on our commercial wastewater treatment plant package from Jet:
Corrosion-free, reinforced concrete tanks for durability.

  • Ideal for new property development or for upgrading or replacing an existing system
  • Modular construction supports a broad range of plant sizes and phased commercial or residential developments
  • Wide range of options available to meet specific site requirements
  • Designs that support 1,500-300,000 gallons per day in capacity at various loading levels
  • Patented AIR-SEAL Diffuser® saves time and money by reducing maintenance costs and improving plant efficiency
  • Proven performance from a time-tested extended aeration process
  • 24/7 technical support with plant start-up and operator training available
  • Expert plant design and engineering assistance available

You may please contact us for a custom quote based on your site specific requirements.
At GEFS, we have introduced small and portable wastewater treatment plants for domestic use. Easy to install and operate, these plants serve home-owners, restaurants, and other domestic communities who can now benefit from state-of-the art wastewater management systems at affordable costs.

Our small wastewater treatment plants are efficient and very effective in processing domestic wastewater. They break down wastes via three compartment tanks. In the first phase, a pre-treatment compartment receives influent where heavy solids settle and form sludge at the bottom of the tank.

The treatment process takes place in the second compartment. Wastewater, or grey water, is thoroughly mixed with oxygen via an aerator and passed over the living micro-organisms located on the BAT (Biologically Accelerated Treatment) media.

In the third phase, treated wastewater or grey water flows to the settling compartment. Following that, a clear liquid known as effluent, which is independent of colour and odour, is seamlessly discharged through the baffled outlet.

It's easy to see why our home wastewater treatment plant is an upgrade over the old-fashioned septic tanks. It is capable of treating 500 to 1,500 gallons of wastewater every day. That's the size of a small swimming pool or thirty 50 gallon hot-water heaters.

In addition, changes in flow by weekend guests, parties, multiple baths, laundry and dishwashers, all running at once, do not affect the performance of our wastewater treatment plant. It's an investment that saves money, and the environment.

Our Technology Partners

Critical to manufacturing, production plants and other industrial operations, is process water. However, there's always the likelihood of dissolved materials interfering with production and causing imperfections, contamination and other damaging attributes.

The application could be aligned to direct/indirect food and dairy contact or other industrial processes. Either way, our process water treatment solutions integrate sustainable practices for overall cost savings and energy efficiencies, helping clients meet their most stringent water quality requirements.

In many of these processes, it is vital to control certain constituents in order to positively alter the flavour and aggressiveness of the water, as well as its tendency to form scale over its shelf life. Some of the constituents we manage are:

  • Alkalinity
  • Dissolved salts
  • Organic content
  • Particulates
  • Bacterial contamination
  • Presence of oxidising agents
The provision of a safe and reliable supply of potable water is the foundation of modern society. Our drinking water treatment solutions are designed to provide high quality water to ensure maximum safety for end-users.

The constant pursuit of new processes and technologies assists our quest to support our clients. These innovations are then subjected to critical treatment methods and optimally adapted to the applications below for best results:

  • Removal of iron & manganese
  • Lamella settlers
  • Nitrate removal
  • Removal of sulphur
  • Removal of acidity & alkalinity
  • Removal of pesticides
  • Coarse filtering & coarse screening
  • Fine sand filtration
  • Dual & multimedia polishing filters
  • Flocculation & sedimentation
  • Disinfection & sterilization
  • Softening & ion exchange demineralization
  • Ultrafiltration & microfiltration
  • Ozonation & UV sterilization
Seawater accounts for 97% of the water on earth and is poised to become one of the main alternative resources in those regions over the next several decades. At GEFS, our aim is to optimise the performance of our clients' desalination processes, both in terms of their environmental impact and energy use.

The systems we implement can be deployed for huge projects of 450,000 cubic metres a day or more, or for smaller capacities of a few cubic metres a day, to help small and medium-sized cities manage urgent drinking water supply problems.

We use the Reverse Osmosis Membrane Desalination technology for desalination in which water is fed under pressure through a membrane that traps the salt.

At GEFS, we leverage innovations in electrochemical technologies to develop radically low energy consumption.

Electrochemical treatment, which uses electricity to treat water without the need for bulk liquid chemicals or large volumes of biomass, is a highly efficient, 'clean-technology'.

Our systems feature modular design, which allow clients the flexibility to run-off renewable or hybrid power sources. So, the plant can be easily configured and integrated with conventional treatment processes to offer 'state-of-the-art' treatment for a wide variety of applications.

Installation and maintenance is possible with minimal effort in a wide variety of environments, while impact and cost are greatly reduced.

Our Procedures

  • Site investigation
  • Feed water characterisation
  • Process design
  • Remote monitoring & control
  • Site service maintenance contracts
  • Electrode management

Our Technology Partners

Over the years, GEFS has risen to the challenge of some of the region's leading oil & gas companies with a track record of successful projects that endorses our capabilities.

Our broad experience base provides a resource pool that works across disciplines within the oil & gas industry to provide clients with a continuous supply of innovative pipeline laying solutions and services.

Using the combined expertise of our engineers, consultants and worksmen with best-in-class technology, we empower organisations with cost-effective and innovative pipeline solutions in a manner that minimises impacts and maximises efficiencies.

At GEFS, we have built an impressive portfolio of successful water pipeline projects through a sheer commitment to professionalism, quality and service.

Our diverse experience, on both client and contractor side of delivering major water infrastructure, means that in addition to having a strong technical footing, GEFS understands the importance of finding the best solutions for clients.

Through the utilisation of industry changing construction methodologies and cost-saving measures, we deliver large-scale pipeline contracts. Whether it's laying of pipelines or testing, tracking and cleaning, quality and service remain our cornerstones.

Drainage Systems:
Over the years, our clients have come to endorse our drainage systems as the smartest, toughest and most cost-effective. Our products are easy to handle, which translates into quicker installation and lower costs, plus the added advantage of on-field support.

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