Hydro is a high-tech company making electro-based products for water purification. The company has established a commercial track-record, and leads in high-flow, low power applications. The company is endowed with in-house IP, know-how and skill-base for Process design engineering, Power electronics, panel building, Control, instrumentation, automation, communication etc. Industries that benefit from Hydro's high-tech know how and technology solutions are Steel, aluminium, carbon composite fabrication and manufacturing companies.


Founded in 1955, David S. MacLaren working closely with his father, Albert MacLaren, designed and patented an aerator for family homes that would more effectively treat and dispose of residential wastewater, changing the technology in the wastewater treatment business forever. Very soon Jet came out with the patented BAT® media. These innovative waste water treatment solutions have earned the name for Jet as a true pioneer and a leader in onsite wastewater treatment both in residential and commercial settings. Offering a high level of customer service and cutting edge products in an ever changing industry, Jet is the LEADER in wastewater technology. Jet’s representatives design, install and service the best products in the industry.