Gulf Eco Friendly Services (GEFS) is a leading wastewater treatment technology company in the Middle East and a reputed contractor for some of the largest STPs in the third emirate of the United Arab Emirates – Sharjah.

At GEFS, we offer one of the finest yet simple build, installation and operations services for wastewater treatment that align with environmental compliance and increase accountability while keeping costs to a minimum.

Our method of treatment is designed to resolve problems such as odours, sludge, toxins and clogging. Processes such as sampling and water analysis assure proper balance of treatment steps, thus meeting effluent requirements and implementing improvements to ensure the wastewater treatment plant maintains long-term and stable operations.

GEFS started in the UAE in 2009 as an operations and maintenance contractor for sewage treatment plants. Since then, the company has broadened its expertise in the customised building, operation and commissioning of RO plants that meet international standards.

The company has also been proficient in the area of process water treatment for commercial industries and advanced wastewater technologies for domestic and large scale projects through its partnership with Hydro Industries (UK) and Jet Incorp (USA).

Our Mission: To improve and safeguard our environment through commitment, expertise and a sense of responsibility. To overcome challenges and meet target objectives through compliance with all safety regulations.

Our Vision: To become industry leaders by harnessing comprehensive analytical and technical capabilities aimed at maximising not just efficiency, performance and longevity, but even value for shareholders and stakeholders.

Our Values: Whatever our role at GEFS, we are all connected through the same value ecosystem. At the core is a belief that our clients and partners always deserve the best, across every phase of our business relationship.

Guidance: Empowered by sound leadership, driven by expertise.
Excellence: Inspired by the continuous pursuit of the best.
Foresight: Equipped and eager to meet challenges of the future.
Service: Engineered to listen intently, act swiftly and deliver efficiently.

Strong leadership that leverages a highly skilled workforce is the cornerstone to providing leading-edge solutions. That's how we set new standards in water treatment solutions, water pipeline services and road surface works.

Driven by a clear vision, mission and values, the operating environment at GEFS reflects our commitment to corporate governance, quality management systems and the consistent monitoring and evaluation of client objectives.

To continue our growth trajectory within the industry, we at GEFS have aligned our business objectives to maximise identification and uptake of market opportunities, gain internal efficiencies and improve customer service.

Guided by collective expertise, our clients today are better placed to optimise resources and meet challenges. Our strength in the water treatment service industry is reflected in our client portfolio and track record of successful projects.

Over the years, our clients chose us because we promised quality without compromise. They stayed with us because we delivered. It's all down to the GEFS Advantage.

  • Minimum sludge load
  • Quick and effective flocculation of raw effluent
  • Significant reduction in BOD and COD
  • Minimum treatment time required
  • Removal of toxins, microbes, odour/smell
Awards & Certification ALLEEM ACHIEVERS AWARD (2014)
Certificate of Appreciation for Best of 2014 – Project of the Year Award

Instituted by the Alleem Business Congress, the Alleem Achievers Award recognises and honours the singular contributions of high-potential leaders, managers, teams, and organisations across a spectrum of business sectors.

At the 2014 edition of the event held at the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry on 23rd January, GEFS was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation for the "Project of the Year"; an accolade that has swelled our reputation.

For Outstanding Performance and Commitment to Excellence

Hamriyah Free Zone Authority (HFZ) is an industrial hub based in Sharjah that serves local, regional and international markets with a continuum of business solutions. Since 1995, HFZ has earned a position of repute as one of the cornerstones of the UAE's industrial development with a well-developed infrastructure and sound business model.

Based out of HFZ ever since its inception, GEFS has grown in stature as a wastewater treatment expert with each and every project undertaken in the hub. In 2011, HFZ recognised the efforts of GEFS towards continuous improvement in HFZA and was bestowed with the honour of being one of the top 3 contractors for the year.

Over the years our industry expertise has been endorsed through certifications at various levels across water pipeline installation, operation & maintenance of sewage treatment plants & desalination plants, electro-mechanical works, health & safety training as well as consultancy and inspection services.

Listed below are the certifications GEFS has received for compliance within Quality, Environment Management and Health & Safety. GEFS has received the accreditation for all the below certifications from DAC (Dubai Accreditation Centre):

ISO 9001 : 2008 - Quality Management System
ISO 14001 : 2004 - Environment Management System
OHSAS 18001 : 2007 - Health & Safety Management System