Municipality Services
Municipality Services
The demands faced by municipalities
in the urban cities in the Middle East
seem to be ever increasing with the
rapid growth of urban settlements
and modern industrial activities
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Commercial Industries
Commercial Industries
At GEFS, we understand the stringent
requirements for the water and its
dissolved elements used by various
industries and also the technology
required for treating process water
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Domestic + Residential
Domestic + Residential
Home owners and villa dwellers in
particular, are well served by our safe,
reliable, cost effective and
eco-friendly efficient treatment
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Our Partners
Mar 23 2015
In celebration of World Water Month 2015, Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (SEWA) recognizes GEFS for i
Feb 21 2015
The inauguration ceremony was held last 21st February 2015 in the presence of distinguished guests, clients an